Reasons/rationale for replacement for heating/Ac units

Discussion points

  • Old Buildings
    • Sanctuary, 1897
    • Parsonage, 1907
    • Jones Hall, 1928
    • Education Building, 1956
  • Old Equipment
    • Newest – 2005 Kitchen equipment; York Heat Pump LP Gas water heater, Dishwasher, Stove, Refrigerator, Freezer, Ice Maker
    • Parsonage, 2002 – oiled fired boiler and 2 Trane A/C units
    • Henderson Room , 2000 – Sanyo Heat Pump
    • Nursery – AC unit age unknown
    • Most AC units 20 + years old
      • Sanctuary, 1995 ( 5 – Carrier A/C Units )
      • Jones Hall, 1993 ( 2 Tempstar LP Gas Furnaces with A/C )
      • Office, 1991 (Tempstar LP Gas Furnace with A/C)
    • Oldest – 1973 Sanctuary oiled fired steam boiler
  • Boiler is oversized and not energy efficient (about 45% efficient)
  • Cost of maintenance and fuel
    • Approximate maintenance cost last year re = $6500
    • Fuel oil cost last year = $9120 (sanctuary/annex alone);
    • $19,200 annual fuel oil cost for all bldgs.
  • Unknown condition of underground oil storage tanks
  • Education Building not fully air-conditioned
  • Wear and tear from daily use of facility

What about building new?

The cost of a brand new church building begins at about $5 million. Even if land is donated, the mortgage would take up about 15 percent of the church’s monthly budget. Factor in the average monthly attendance (currently 103) and monthly giving and it is quickly evident that building a new structure at the current time may not be our best option.

What about a merge with another local church?

Successful mergers are possible but rare. Conversations must take place over a long period of time and items to be considered include: the dissolution or acquisition of any debts, legal property, trust funds, etc. In addition, the emotional ties to the former church structures and decisions regarding a merged church leadership must be considered. Recent studies have shown that it is better to close a church or churches and then reopen as a new church with a new name, than to try and merge two churches with histories and properties. At the current time, there is no move nor has there been any discussion with any other churches in the area regarding mergers.

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